Production begins on Schirkoa


Things are now shifting gears for the feature film. With a highly ambitious script we are now rolling the cameras! (inside the computer of course). With a terrific cast from all over the world, a passionate core team from India, Singapore, New Zealand and France, Schirkoa is swiftly moving to an exciting phase of production. Expect lot of colorful posts in the coming months!


You can also head to Schirkoa’s website to check on it’s festival run and release schedule. It has now been to 120 film festivals and won 32 awards. The short has been telecasted on Arte, Canal+ and many others before reaching on Amazon and Vimeo on Demand.

‘Schirkoa’ Feature announced at HK Film Market

A beautiful day for the bag-heads! Thanks to the wonderful friends at Aurora and 108 media for taking this on. Exciting times ahead.



” Indian filmmaker Ishan Shukla will write and direct a feature-length animated film based on his award-winning short of the same name, with 108 Media and Aurora Media Holdings on board to co-produce. “

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