A virtual atelier

It will take a while to populate this site with artwork, blog posts and other content. Meanwhile let us talk about the ideology behind Studio 197A.



Studio 197A is Ishan Shukla‘s animation studio focused on the production of his feature films. A true virtual studio in all sense, with all artists scattered around the world to achieve one goal. Leverage the most advanced technology among a multi skilled team to produce long lasting, visually stunning and thought provoking stories in animation.


Stories transcending the boundaries of mainstream and art house while leveraging the true strength of the animation as a medium that has been lost in the genre of family entertainment. Engaging stories turned into feature films that explicitly reflect the world we live in, crafted in spectacularly designed visuals and sound.


Blending the traditional 2d and advanced 3d mediums Studio 197A is proud to boast a unique visual style mastered in it’s first short film Schirkoa.



‘Schirkoa’ Feature announced at HK Film Market

A beautiful day for the bag-heads! Thanks to the wonderful friends at Aurora and 108 media for taking this on. Exciting times ahead.



” Indian filmmaker Ishan Shukla will write and direct a feature-length animated film based on his award-winning short of the same name, with 108 Media and Aurora Media Holdings on board to co-produce. “

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