Studio 197A, registered in Singapore, is a virtual animation atelier with artists scattered around the world. Ishan Shukla, an award-winning animation filmmaker from India established the studio in 2018 to create feature films on his original ideas and concepts for worldwide theatrical release. The studio aims to  produce long-lasting, visually stunning and thought-provoking stories in animation.

Studio 197A’s first CG animation feature ‘Schirkoa’ is currently under production and scheduled to hit festivals by 2020. An India-Singapore co-production, the film is being created by the collaboration of animators, actors, musicians, designers, and other talented artists from all around the world.


Studio 197A is an independent, privately-owned company. It is a virtual animation atelier that aims to produce highly artistic, computer-generated animation feature films.


The Studio aims to push the boundaries of efficiency, virtual collaboration to new levels. We believe that an era of digitization, revolutionary new-age technology has brought a wealth of resources at the artists’ disposal. We want to exploit these to their maximum potential and bring together the best of all departments: acting, sound, music, animation and technology to deliver original, personal stories to life.

Original concepts and universe building is at the heart of Studio 197A’s endeavor. We, at Studio 197A, envision to create truly charismatic and dense original universes that are fantastical but also reflect the present-day world that we live in and its complexities.

Studio 197A is proud to boast a unique visual style mastered in it’s first short film Schirkoa. The highly stylized, non photo-realistic look is achieved by blending the traditional 2d and digital 3d mediums.


Stories transcending the boundaries of mainstream and art house while leveraging the true strength of the animation as a medium that has been lost in the genre of family entertainment. Engaging stories turned into feature films that explicitly reflect the world we live in, crafted in spectacularly designed visuals and sound.

Management team


Ishan Shukla (Founder, Director)

33, is an Indian animation filmmaker and CG artist who founded Studio 197A in 2018.

A dropout of BITS Pilani (India) he graduated from 3D Sense Media School (Singapore) in 2008. He spearheaded projects ranging from TV commercials to TV series at Singapore. He is now based in India working on a diverse range of projects as Director/CG Lead. His animation shorts and artworks have won dozens of awards and have been featured and screened all over the world. His first short film ‘Schirkoa’ qualified for the Oscars 2017. It also won ‘Best in Show’ at SIGGRAPH Asia 2016 followed by many more awards and screenings. Ishan, at Studio 197A, is working on a feature-length film titled Schirkoa, based on the award-winning short film with the same name.